Policies & Procedures for EYFS

Please find below a copy of our Safeguarding Children and Child Protection policy.  All other policies are available to view on request at pre-school.  Alternatively, if you require a personal copy you may request one from the pre-school manager.


Our policies are reviewed and updated regularly.

Safeguarding Children and Child Protection Policy


  • Children’s rights and entitlements

  • Safeguarding children and child protection

  • (Including managing allegations of abuse against a member of staff)

  • Confidentiality and client access to records

  • GDPR Compliant

  • Information sharing

  • Uncollected child

  • Missing child

  • Supervision of children on outings and visits

  • Maintaining children’s safety and security on premises

  • Making a complaint

  • Mobile Phone

  • Whistleblowing

  • Social Networking

  • Equality of opportunity

  • Valuing diversity and promoting equality

  • Supporting children with special educational needs

  • Achieving positive behaviour

  • Promoting health and hygiene

  • Animals in the setting

  • Administering medicines

  • Managing children with allergies, or who are sick or infectious (Including reporting notifiable diseases)

  • Nappy changing

  • No smoking

  • Conflict of interest policy

  • Food and drink

  • First aid


Suitable People


  • Employment

  • Employment and staffing

  • Induction of staff and volunteers

  • Student placement

  • Conflict of Interest

  • Social Media and Networking


Suitable premises, environment and equipment


  • Health and Safety

Organisation (and Administration)


  • Admissions

    • Flexible Free Entitlement (FFE)

    • Child care practice

  • The role of the key person in the setting and settling-in

  • Partnership

    • Parental involvement

    • Working in partnership with other agencies