How we use the EYFS at Padbury Pre-School.

All children are different. They have their own unique experiences they bring to the setting. For example their family and home life, cultures, experiences and interests. When creating and providing the learning environment these factors need to be considered as every child is an individual. At Padbury Pre-School we believe all children learn through play. 


Children learn at their own pace and in many different ways. In order for children to learn and thrive in Pre-School we ensure we follow the characteristics of effective learning:
Playing and exploring: 
- We encourage the children to make independent choices.
- Bring their own interests and fascinations into the setting.
- Have a range of experiences to learn from.
Active learning:
- To participate in the Pre-School routine.
- To keep trying when things maybe tricky.
Creating and thinking critically:
- Take part in pretend play.
- Feel the sense of pride and success when they have achieved something.
- To feel confident sharing their own ideas.
- Have increased concentration when they are achieving something that is important to them. 

Within the EYFS there are seven areas of learning. The first three are the 'prime areas'.
1) Personal, social and emotional development.
2) Communication and language.
3) Physical development.
4) Literacy
5) Mathematics
6)  Understanding of the world.
7) Expressive arts and design.
These areas of development help us as practitioners to plan, assess and review the children's learning and development.

Intent, implementation and impact:
What the Early Years Practitioners hopes the child will learn.
What Practitioners do everyday to help children learn. Such as use of resources or interaction.
What has the child learnt? How effective has the teaching and learning environment been?
Our intent for our children at Padbury Preschool is that ALL children grow into happy and confident learners. To help children gain knowledge, skills, behaviours and attuides that are needed to succeed in life. We will implement this by building an understanding of children's own experiences and backgrounds in order to broaden minds. The impact we hope to achieve is awe and wonder, knowledge and understanding of the community and wider world and to develop the children's love for learning, books and attuide to learning.
Pedagogy is a mixture of different approaches to teaching. Children learn through play, by adults modelling behavior, by observing one another and through guided learning and direct teaching. At Padbury Pre-school we ensure we use a variety of teaching methods in order for children to learn and develop using the most effective method for the individual child.